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i have been blessed

Ok. So I pretty much never discuss my personal life on any level.. Especially lately with all the photos sessions. Well, tonight I am. I can not keep inside how I feel.I feel so wonderfully blessed and Christmas time is just a reminder of that. I know some people (a lot actually) totally stress out…

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sweet and petite!

6 month old babies can be tough… only because they can’t stand or sit up that well on their own. But, mom was such a trooper and really helped me out with her. We took her all over the house and she really cooperated with us ­čÖéThis mirror one really makes me laugh. I have…

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baby #4

This little guy makes #4 for their family. He didn’t get newborn pics taken at the hospital so these should be good this backlit shot… and you know what’s making this big smile don’t you ­čÖé

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dreams do come true!

When this session was scheduled it was intended to be a family session for the family of three. However, the family unexpectantly adopted a beautiful baby boy just a couple weeks prior to the session so it ended up be mostly about him… and about how much they love him. You can see just how…

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my eskimos

My little sweeties hat their puffy coats on a week ago and I just got around to proofing them. Connor wore his for the first time and everytime he fell down he was stuck. He could not get back up. It’s like he would tip over and then cry for help. It made for good…

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