The Artist

About Me

Beginning with my childhood, I wanted to be an artist. From colored pencils, to watercolor paints and then on to drawing black/white portraits… I think I was onto something. All of that changed when I became a mother (now a mother of four). After the birth of my first child, I would use up rolls and rolls of b/w film… capturing every moment of my daughter’s early days. Looking back, it seems as if I knew what I was suppose to be all along. In 2006, Jen Sherrick Photography was born.

My Style

My work has been described as playful, fresh, editorial and soulful. While I prefer the simplicity and classic look of black and white, I do love when a photo screams color! I only shoot in natural light as I find it the most flattering light of all and work on-location where children are most comfortable (often the client’s home). No flashes, no time limits, no sterile environment and of course no cheesy smiles. My goal is to capture your family’s personality and passion, the two things that make you truly unique.

When working one-on-one with a child, I find it’s best if mom/dad are not coaxing the child along… just somewhere nearby.

When working with families, I prefer to capture interactions as much as possible as you will see in my portfolio. I want to capture what makes your family’s relationship unique. Don’t be surprised if at the end of your session everyone says, “Wow, that was fun!”. It’s really just one big playdate!

I’ve dedicated an entire blog post on helpful tips that you can read prior to one of my sessions.

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