Thanks for booking your senior portrait session with me! Your senior portrait session should be fun experience and one of the many highlights of your senior year. Understandably, it may also seem stressful if you aren’t sure what to expect. Below I’m sharing some tried and true tips and recommendations so you can be ready for your big day!


Hear me out…. PLEASE DO NOT worry about posing! I don’t except my subjects to show up as professional models. My goal is to capture your true spirit and personality so I will give you prompts and help with natural posing. 


My motto is pretty simple, “You do You”! Pick outfits that reflect your personality, something you feel great wearing and that you would actually wear again!

  • Mix up outfits by choosing something casual (ie. jeans and a favorite top) and something a little more formal.
  • Make sure you’ve tried on your outfits ahead of time and are able to move freely without feeling too restricted or too revealing.
  • In cooler seasons, layers always photograph well and it’s always a great way to add some texture.
  • Don’t forget shoes and accessories (ie. hat & jewelry). These little details can make a big difference in pulling off a complete look.

Take a look at the Senior Sessions on my blog to get an idea of mixing up outfits.


  • Colored under garments
  • Wrinkled clothing
  • Cleavage bearing blouses and tops
  • Restrictive clothing making it difficult to move or bend over
  • Outfits that do not fit the season. A spaghetti strap dress or shorts in month of November will not only look the wrong season but you will be uncomfortably cold!


  • Outfits: Have your outfits planned out in advance so there are no worries or rushing around the day of your session. Iron your clothing and hang on hangers to bring in your car.
  • Skin: Drink plenty of water and moisturize your face at least one week prior to your session. Most teenagers struggle with occasional outbreaks or acne. I am prepared for this and will do the best of my ability to touch up any blemishes in post-production. Stay out of the sun for prolonged periods and wear sunscreen in the weeks leading up to your session. Sunburns and peeling skin are never flattering. Tan lines are often unavoidable for summer sessions and can be minimized in post production. However, if you have a dramatic tan line, avoid wearing clothing that would emphasize the line. Boys, don’t forget to shave the day of your session, And let’s not forget to clean up the eyebrows 🙂
  • Hair and Makeup: Girls, It is certainly not necessary to schedule a professional hair and makeup appointment before your session. I do however recommend that you at least wear concealer, mascara and lip gloss to give just a touch of color. I’ll be sure to find the most flattering light and touch up your images to the best of my ability. A couple of makeup artist recommendations are: Jenni Smith and Lori Boykin which. You can reach out to either artist through their Instagram page.
  • Fingernails: You will likely be using your hands to hold a handrail, cross your arms, move your hair, etc so be sure you like the way they look.


  • When we meet up for your session, bring all your outfits, accessories and shoes and any other belongings. You may want to include your extracurricular items such as: musical instrument, letter jacket, sporting equipment a bouquet of flowers. I will have a wagon to hold all your outfits and accessories along with a pop-up tent for changing on location. This saves a lot of time having to back to the car.
  • Boys: chapstick and/or comb if necessary.
  • Girls: Bring a hairbrush and your makeup bag in case you need to touch up in between outfit changes.
  • A bottle of water and a light snack are not a bad idea. A two hour session can be a bit draining and most clients leave more than ready for dinner!
  • Lastly, bring a happy heart and a big smile because we are celebrating your last year of school and your bright, upcoming future!


You do not have to bring anyone with you to your session, but often times one or both parents do like to tag along. It’s fun for them to watch you be photographed. I do ask that parents give us some space as most subjects are more reserved when others are watching.


I’m always open to locations that reflect your interests and personality. For example, if you have a special childhood hangout in the woods, let’s go there! If you love the city, let’s go downtown. If you love nature, let’s go to an open field, your favorite park or even your boat! We will pick a couple locations that are close in driving distance and coordinate your outfits for each location.

Some of my favorite local tried and true locations are listed below:

Coxhall Gardens (Carmel), Villages of West Clay (Carmel), West Park (Carmel), Lions Park (Zionsville), Spencer Farm ($75 fee – Noblesville), Downtown Zionsville, Cool Creek Park (Westfield/Carmel), Downtown Noblesville, Potter’s Bridge (Noblesville), Lockerbie Street (downtown Indy), Fountain Square (DT Indy), Massachusetts Avenue (DT Indy), Newfields ($50 fee, weeks notice), Trader’s Point Creamery (Zionsville – $50 fee), White River Canal, Butler Holcomb Gardens, Holiday Park (north side of Indy), Strawtown Koteewi Park,  Central Park (Carmel)The Palladium, Midtown CarmelFootball Stadium, Bottleworks DistrictVirginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park (part of Newfields), a beautiful church, a family farm, Indiana War Memorial Museum, Bridgewater Country Club

Once you have an idea of where you’d like your session to take place, make sure you contact me via email or phone to confirm, especially if it’s a location requires permission. 317-694-4363 |

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