ahh! breathing. slowing down. enjoying my own!

i’ve finally hit a slow point. holidays are over and my busiest season of my career is over (until it hits again).

here’s a shot of our mantel on Christmas morning. i wish i would have taken it during the night. i just ordered a monogrammed stocking for baby #4 as well
i’ve been able to pull the camera out and get some shots of my little ones. well, madison is not so little. she just turned the “big 10”. i can’t believe she’s in double digits. i am so thankful that i was able to have one daughter. she is like having a best friend (some days) and a mommy’s helper on others. i was lucky to get some shots of her on her birthday today before we left for the movies.

here she was last year at this time (9 yrs)

and now at 10 years!
one thing is that she is still innocent and young. she’s not into brand named clothes, make-up or any of that stuff that’s yet to come. she still carries her stuffed animals around and talks to them. i just love it… but i know one day it will all end and she will be on her cell phone, thinking about boys, in the bathroom doing her hair and begging to go shoppping. yikes!

sometimes i feel old when i’m with her. i can’t believe i have a 10 year old! but then reality hits me when i am with my sweet monster man connor!

but man he’s gorgeous!

aaron was kind enough to take some photos of the kids and I this afternoon. this is the best we can get on any given day. that’s okay… i’ll take it.

the kids are fascinated with feeling the baby’s movement. connor just likes to give my tummy zerberts.

Happy New Year!
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