back from a break

it was nice to get away and visit my mom and spend some time just hanging out. i had lots of great photo opps of my kiddos and we will treasure these memories.

christian just loves to go fishing and it’s so fun that my parents have a pond in their backyard. he hung out there the whole time looking for frogs, turtles and what not. he fell terribly in love with my parent’s German Shepherd. he hardly came in the house and kept asking if we could take Thelma (the dog) home with us. he went fishing one night until the sun went down.

i am SO going to blow this photo up in his room. it completely defines his passions.

then there’s Connor who has now become my most photogenic child. he used to be the least. i’ve learned some things about him…. reverse psychology. i just say to him “do not look at me” and it works like a charm everytime b/c he smiles and laughs so hard. here he is playing peek-a-boo with me next to our mini-van. he has no idea how cute he is (even with his messy wet hair) or that his reflection is making this shot so creative.
but we did have a very difficult time getting him down for a nap or even down for bed-time. On the last night I promised my sister i’d take a few shots of her family. it was 9:00pm and I thought I finally had him down for the night. whoo… what a sigh of relief. so, when i walked to the side of the house with my sister and saw this in the window i just couldn’t believe it (or maybe i could). he is such a stinker…. he climbed out of his bed and up in the window just having the time of his life…. but again made for a great photo!finally, my sister’s family!

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