boys will be boys

I really really should be proofing photos right now. I have a LOT on my to-do list and yet here I am laughing at some good old goofy shots of my favorite kids. The reason I got into photography in the first place was because I wanted to capture my kids the way I see them (and not any other way). I want to remember the silly things they do and the silly way they act…almost like I was there in that moment all over again even if it’s years down the road. Sometimes I get so caught up in every tiring task of life that I forget to step back and laugh and enjoy the craziness of everyday. It feels so good for me to get out my camera and create a memory out of something so simple.

So, here are some memories that are sure to go on our bathroom wall (the bath tub shot is from like 1 hour ago).

and Stacey, this one is for you! Nope, he wasn’t smart enough to leave a wipe in his butt to keep it clean! LOL! 🙂 He just finished doing his business here and I had to strip him down afterwards and when I looked up I saw this (love the socks!). Such a man!

and here’s another one from today. Christian has a BFF! I can’t believe they say that so early now!

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