She brought the sunshine – Carmel Indiana family photographer

Two years ago, I had the privilege of photographing these sweet kiddos for the first time. I believe we mostly chased little sister around to keep her from the ducks in the pond. But this year we just let her boss us around while I took her photo!

We totally lucked out and had a warm March session! Thank you Lord! Then she “K” shows up with this shirt on…. it was meant to be!


I loved watching the older siblings love on their little sister. Having an age gap can be a really wonderful thing! (we have it at our home!)


I don’t think Mom intended to be photographed but sassy pants insisted they all line up just. like. this. She’s the boss so we obliged.


There was a big puddle in the parking garage and “Little Miss Sunshine”  wanted to run through it so badly. So, near the end we let her, but not before getting a couple shots of their reflections! I’m a sucker for fun stuff like this.


Since the session also aligned with “Little Miss Sunshine’s” fourth birthday we made a quick trip to The Flying Cupcake!


Oh, and ETA: By the middle of the session, Little Miss Sunshine was calling me “Aunt Jen”. I felt so honored!

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