the delicious age | Westfield child photographer

Four years ago I met the Hoard family when I went to photograph their chubby little Liza at 7 months of age. In fact, one of my favorite shots still today remains this one below. With arms wide open, without a care in the world…. she sits on her dining room table creating a nudist work of art!

I’ve photographed her many times since then. Now there is an extra Hoard baby to grace the JSP website…. baby brother Jack! I’ve captured his birth and “newness” and now his deliciously chubby phase. Below, baby Jack sits in the very same room his sister once did. As you can see, the walls are now bright white, curtains removed and a the table is replaced (that’s because his momma likes to redecorate!), but the chubby baby is pretty similar!

Liza received a twin set of American girl dolls for Christmas. I do believe she loves them!

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