country boy

What great locations we had for this session. We not only shot photos at the client’s home but also at their family’s house down the road as well as the family property. it was special to mom b/c she grew up playing in the old barns, tractors etc.

i definitely had my challenge though with this 13 yr old. he was very resistent in opening up to my camera. i went to extremes to capture hard core laughs but whenever he did give in to laughing he would hide his face… b/c i think he didn’t want me to see his braces.
So, i got smiles like this. (still cute though)

and serious looks like this.

but his favorite thing was getting to show me how he shoots his guns.
however, just once at the very end he did actually get caught laughing and man… check out this handsome smile. I adore it!

ok, a couple more sessions to share so check back soon!

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