favorite image of the year | inspire me baby submission

If I had to pick a favorite photo from 2011, it would be this one. It may look simple to you, but to me and to my client this was SO documentary. Shala is a HUGE dog lover. She has two St. Bernards which truly were her only babies for many years. They are the type of doggies that are like family members…. you know what I’m talking about. They are very much “indoor” dogs. Shala has a blog and it’s titled “I kiss my Dogs on the Lips”. Ok, I think that drives the point of her love for her dogs. So, when baby Hudson was born it was pretty traumatic on them to have to go outdoors a bit more than usual. Capturing this shot at the family room window was like hearing the dog speak these words:  “Mom, why won’t you let me in? And why are you holding that dang baby so long!?”

Now trust me, they were only outdoors for maybe 15 minutes of our session and are still very much loved!

This photo was included in the Inspire Me Baby Best of 2011 – inspiremebaby.com


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