I admit I’m a horrible blogger! I use Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis to post my work and my blog tends to be ignored. But as I reflect back on 2019, I had some incredible families to work with and I want to show you some of my favorites all in one post.

This session took place at Hinkle Fieldhouse. Mom is a Butler alumni and we had so much fun with this basketball loving family.
I am a sucker for ALL the dogs. This little guy had just joined his forever family and I wanted to capture the joy at such a pivotal time in their family’s life.
Everyone was SO excited for the arrival of baby #4. They couldn’t keep their hands off of him and I can’t blame them.
Some of the most fun people right here. They always bring so much happiness wherever they are. So glad they included their fur babies.
Such a beautiful family both inside and out on this spring session.
It’s hard being the youngest.
Some of my longest time clients right here. Love them!
Not just a one year session but also a farewell to their Indy home. They are so adorable.
My precious (great) niece and her heroic father.
I’ve been photographing this family on their farm for several years. I just love going out to their property and exploring.
These two have such a special bond.
Ten years of sessions together and you really get to know someone. I adore these cuties.
This is so special because her dress blends in with the hydrangeas. But it’s not just any dress. Her grandmother wore this dress when she was a little girl.
When the cousins get together you better watch out!
The best sessions are when you can just be yourself. I loved spending time in their backyard where they make all their memories.
Sometimes you gotta stay warm and loved by “hugging it out”.
Yes, please always bring your dog! Best way to get your older kids’ excited about photos for sure!
When your kids grow up please don’t forget to take family photos. We had so much fun laughing on session!
She was a ball of joy in her entire session. Too many favorites but this one has all the feels.
I was warned that it would be tough to get real smiles from Evan. Wrong.
When Dad’s a drummer you gotta follow in his footsteps.
LOVE these people!
Just a friendly game of football with the cousins.
These kiddos are so silly and they never hold back!
This image is now printed as a 32.48″ canvas above their mantle. Love it!
We met in preschool many moons ago when our oldest boys were just 5! Man, time needs to slow down!
Henry’s contagious laugh wins me over with this one.
And that’s a wrap for this session!
The sweetest of boys right here!
I can’t even stand to look at them they are so beautiful!
Another LONG time client and friend. They have always included their fur babies in photos. Recently, both dogs passed away and although we miss them we were happy to include their new puppy in this year’s session.
I met them for a quick mini-session int their backyard after school one day. We had a snowball fight, went tubing and just plain fun.
I guess if I ever had to pick a favorite baby photo, this would be right up there in the top. Unconditional love.
This whole session was a dream.
SO many wonderful images from this session.
I’ve been going to their family farm for a decade. Always so much joy as we make memories together.
When it’s 40 degrees outside you just make the best of it! And we did!
So much love! Middle school can be awkward but they make it look so easy.
Over a decade ago these two were fighting with light sabers at Cool Creek Park in their first family session.
This was such a magical session. Super impromptu and so. much. fun!
Another impromptu session but that’s just how it goes with snow!
I think snow sessions are my new favorite!
Every year these adorable grandparents have photos taken with their grandchildren for their Christmas card. This year we celebrated at the Cake Bake in Carmel. It was truly magical.
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