free valentine card downloads and some inspiration

If you didn’t read my last post, I am in the process of starting a Template Design business for photographers. Jen Sherrick|Design will be a separate website but in the meantime, please use the above links to access any templates. Please bookmark my site and come back for more! Now on to some more fun! Do you love to read decorating/DIY blogs? I sure do, although running a photography business (and 4 crazy  kids!) limits the amount of time I have for that! Thankfully having a slow season allows me freedom to use some creative juices. Just last week I was turned onto a new blog….. Jones Design Company… from my friend Michelle who happens to be a blog addict. I’ve been to a ton of decorating blogs but this one struck me in a different way. I not only love her creative ideas, decorating style, beautiful stationery but also the way she opens up about her personal life. To give you more of a reason to check her out…. you’ve got to see her separate posts about silhouettes and book page canvases. I took her two ideas and merged them together for the below creation. I just love the finished art for my bedroom! I already had the supplies (canvas, mod podge, old book, paint brush and cardstock). My son (Christian) took the photo and believe me…. I was NOT lookin’ good! Luckily, it doesn’t matter what you look like once you turned it into a silhouette. I believe it took me 25-30 mins and I even had the boys playing legos along side. I think I might do another one in my dining room on my photo ledge but with the silhouette of a vintage camera coming out from the side. So if you want to know how to do them, I’d advise you to read her tutorials as they give very detailed step by step instructions. If you end up being inspired please send me an email of your art!

Drum roll… is the 24×30″ book print canvas above the rocking chair in my bedroom.

and also, I must be on a silhouette kick as this was our family Christmas card photo for 2010 which has also been printed on a 20×30″ canvas.

Now go and be inspired!

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