i have been blessed

Ok. So I pretty much never discuss my personal life on any level.. Especially lately with all the photos sessions. Well, tonight I am. I can not keep inside how I feel.
I feel so wonderfully blessed and Christmas time is just a reminder of that. I know some people (a lot actually) totally stress out over the holidays with shopping and running around to family get togethers. Not us. No, the Sherricks really do try to make the best of what we’ve been given. We try to enjoy our Holiday by focusing on what Christmas really is. It is not a “commercialized“ time of year to get all the things you‘ve been wanting and getting your kids all excited about a make-believe man coming down the chimney with gifts for the good kids. We celebrate it as its meaning… the celebration of our savior…. Jesus Christ. How much more exciting can it get than a savior bringing peace into our world? We do that by keeping Him our first focus and then everything else just seems to fall in place…. Like the presents, the food, the other traditions. We just ended our Christmas Holiday today by having such a great time hanging out with family… eating lots of good food and remembering old times. The kids had such a blast. Madison said this was the “best Christmas ever” but I think she says that every year J Christian could not get over thanking each person for the dinosaurs he got as gifts. Connor played all day without any temper tantrums…. Whohoo! Even Maddie was thankful for the lotion she got which she knows she’ll never use J but at least her mom will J
After just tucking the kiddos into bed (more than once I admit)… I marvel at them. They are my greatest gift. I could lose everything I own, but to have them is everything. Madison’s strong and compassionate heart, Christian’s joy and friendship and Connor’s enthusiasm and energy… love them all.
This year has been one truly remarkable year in my life. We certainly had some circumstances that didn’t seem so great but the blessings were in the end of them. Aaron losing his job only led to him getting a better one… Me quitting my great job to stay at home every day with my children (a dream come true) only led to even a better career… to follow my heart and start up my own photography business… one of my greatest passions. Each day brings new ventures and the chaos I experience day to day is much different than it was as a working parent but never the less just as chaotic. I still love it and would never trade it. I have loved every single photo session and I am so proud to say that I am booked almost through May. My trust in God has grown this year. No matter what happens to our family He will always keep His promises and fulfill our needs if we trust in Him and allow him to show us what He can do.
Okay, enough of my chitter chatter. I need to go spend some time with my husband. But I do want to thank all of you who have invited me into your homes to photograph your blessings and beautiful creations. I know you probably feel the same as me and can’t put into words how thankful you are for the ones that you love. I am so glad I have and had the opportunity to capture that a bit for you. May you have a healthy and happy 2007. Good night!

this one below is not my favorite capture of them but we were in a rush and had to get out the door Sun morning.

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