my boys

I need to be posting on my blog right now like I need a hole in my head… but man I couldn’t NOT share these images of them. I love being home with them each day. They are a hoot! I only have a couple of Christian to share as he is almost 5 and doesn’t want me to take his photos hardly ever… except when his toys are in the pictures. I took this first picture to put on his birthday invitation. He is having dinosaur party of course! He is so proud of this picture but was a little disappointed that some of his favorite dinos were missing. Connor was eating grapes when i took this one. I thought his expression was funny here. He is the most oral baby I’ve ever had. He puts everything in his mouth even today. So, it’s not unusual to see him looking like this… but usually it’s not food. I pulled a screw out of his mouth a couple days ago. He’s eating quite a variety of non-edible things in his life just to mention a few: a fly, dog puke, aluminum foil

These are the types of looks Christian gives me typically. Don’t you just feel sorry for him. He looks so miserable here. Whoo hoo. He’s doing the “Cold Spaghetti” part of the Wiggles.

Yes, he knows how to pray already. At least he knows how to take position.

i love his little reflection showing here.
Here’s a shot I took yesterday. I ordered this in an 8×10 printed on linen paper mounted to a board to display in my kitchen. I love pears and love the warm tones in this one. My first piece of photo wall art that’s not a person… yeah!

Also, stay tuned to my blog. I am having a mother’s day special soon so be on the lookout.

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