my life| the sitcom

so yesterday was one of the most bizarre days of my life in quite awhile. i felt like cameras were on me taping all the crazy events of the day. if i don’t type this out i won’t remember it nor will anyone believe me so here goes.

we had a 2 hr delay so the kids were excited. to my surprise they still woke up early… even earlier than a normal day. connor woke up way crabby and out of character. i dressed him extra cute in a crew cuts style outfit. i often do that with him if he’s having a bad day so at least when i look at him i see the cutest thing ever even if he’s a being a real butthead.

my cleaning lady called to say she’d be at my house early so after i showered first then. Then I got the kids dressed for school as i frantically went around picking up toys etc so the house was in order to be cleaned.

of course i promised choc-chip pancakes to the kids so i was making a big mess in the kitchen. all was good in those first two hours. then connor started whining/crying about how he didn’t want to go to school and now he was “56 years old” and could ride the school bus with his siblings. so he waited at the front door with them the entire time yelling “i’m 56 yrs old and i can ride the school bus now” over and over and over (like 200 times) for about 30 mins straight. i did my best to let him know that he is still going to preschool and he’s too young to ride the bus for elementary but we can pretend. i had to give him vinegar in his mouth for telling me “no” as well as a time out for something else. in the meanwhile, my cleaning lady even tried to figure a way to console connor’s temper tantrum (he did NOT sleep well the night before).

Once the bus came and the big kids left, he threw another fit b/c he wanted to ride. he started helling “byeeeeeeeeeeee” frantically (even neighbors inside their house could hear him) and the top lock was locked so he kept slamming the door back and forth like a mad man. totally out of control. at this point we were already late for preschool. i hate to be late to anything. i finally get him in the van after bribing him with fruit snacks (all the while he was begging to go to the grocery store instead of school). Once he was finally buckled in i was so relieved but realized i didn’t have his blanket and pillow. i went inside and after looking 10 mins (and my cleaning lady looking too) i can’t find either one. the sweet cleaning lady went out to the van to comfort him and to question him where it might be. he tells her he hid it in a drawer. so i start looking through all the bedroom drawers in the house. nope… he made that one up. at this point i would have stayed home (i was already in tears and full of anxiety) if only i didn’t have a 12:30 dentist appt. who’s going to want to teach connor anyway? so i came to the van with his big “real” pillow and his newborn baby blanket (that he hasn’t used since he was 2 months odl). to my surprise he agreed that he would be fine with both the new pillow and blanket. so cool. at this point we are only 15 mins late and that was so going to be just fine. i would be at school 30 mins late but not bad considering the lack of routine. we get going and he wants my water bottle. no problem. just told him to use two hands and hold on to it well. about 2 miles from preschool he yells “OH NO, it just spilled all over me!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!” all the way to school. i told him to use his baby blanket to dry it up and that made him mad b/c now his only blanket was wet. i am still playing it cool at this point b/c i know i have backup clothing in his backpack. so we get out the van in below freezing temperatures to go into preschool and as i lifted his backpack, body, blanket and pillow… i dropped his pillow in the slushy parking lot. not cool… nothing to wipe off the slush with. no biggy though b/c he can use the other side right. so we walk into the school (as connor is actually walking bow-legged b/c his entire crotch is wet and cold) the teachers greeted us with warm smiles and as we get to his cubby i get out his spare clothes. i lifted out his spare clothes and guess what…. the milk (yes, we ran out of juice boxes and had to compromise with an old milk theromos that morning) had leaked all over his lunch box and extra clothes. yikes. thankfully his teacher had an extra pair of pants and we switched them out. the funny thing is all 3 of his spare underwear were wet so he was stuck wearing wet underwear and red fleece sweat pants. picture this: a cute connor boy, a cute navy cardigan, cute brown suede shoes and ugly fleece pants. not want i had pictured for the day but at this point… whatever. it was kind of cute. he went off to music class like the sweetest child on the planet full of so much love.

ok, so i am finally free. i really wanted to stop by a furniture store in caselton between preschool and my dentist appt. so i left thinking the worst is over. get to caselton and i took every wrong turn. i guess i didn’t have good plan. i even got stuck in parking lots. of course both stores i went inside didn’t carry what i was looking for. i stopped to get gas (since the low gas light was on) and took my time b/c i still would be 15 mins early. i stayed in the dentist parking lot for about 10 mins just relaxing and enjoying the quiet. i was really hoping to go inside and read a People magazine for my last 5 mins before the dreadful cleaning. when i finally went into the dentist office, the receptionist looks at me funny and says “oh you are here! let me see if we still have time for you since you are about 25 mins late sweetie”… what i thought. i am early. this can’t be. apparently i had it wrong in my mind. luckily the hygenist was running behind and it was all good.

so, at this point i am good to go and thought it was over for the day. i get connor, go home and i happily enter my freshly cleaned home. shiney floors, countertops etc…. it was the best moment in my day. then i enter the living room and a strong aroma of cat urine floods my pregnant senses. our cat had peed on our couch AGAIN and now i was stuck cleaning the loveseat the floors. i was so furious that i could have caught on fire. i was done with this. we just treated him for bladder infection and he was still urinating! i found his medication bottle and realized only about 60% of his meds were administered to him. humm…. makes sense to me. the kids see me melting down and they start crying b/c they heard me say that we have to get rid of the cat. “But we love Gilbert. he’s our family and we can’t get rid of him”… this went on for hours. our house was full of tears!

ok, off to basketball practice at 5:30… praise the Lord we were for once 4 mins early instead of 4 mins late. it was great. i dropped maddie off at the door and went to get a starbucks down the road. once i order my drink i sat in the line for over 15 mins… what! i wish i could ahve pulled away. the boys were crying for food or an escape. i was too! we pull away and my window won’t go up. i keep working on getting it up and after 10 mins of trying and crying i finally got it up to a 1/2 inch crack. i drove away with the heat blasted. that was my day.

today is a good day. no cameras following me today. the cat only peed once so far on the couch.

ok, so after reading my above post it doesn’t sound all that bad but trust me it was. i was totally exhausted by the day and i had practically done nothing strenous all day. i am sure pregnancy hormones have something to do with it too.

i can be thankful that nothing life threatening happened yesterday and that we are safe and sound today.

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