my little guy

some days i just have to take a break from work, house cleaning, discipline and live in the moment. i just take one kid away from everything else and photograph him/her while trying to document the essence of what makes him/her so very special and so very darn cute. connor is at my all time fav age (2 1/2 yrs). i love how stinking cute they are and the funny things that come out of their mouths. it upsets me that i don’t have more photos of maddie and christian at this age. life goes way too fast and whether or not you are a professional photographer or just a parent, it’s a gift we give ourselves and our loved ones to have memories of the everyday or ordinary stuff. coming from a family where photographs were rarely taken i tend to cherish them all the more.

and i can’t stand when people overly photoshop the eyes of their photos (b/c it looks like an alien and so fake) but these eyes are not! he does have the blue-est eyes… and they do keep him from getting in a lot of trouble!

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