my trip to haiti

So i went on a medical mission trip with Nehemiah Vision Ministries to Chambrun, Haiti. We did a 4 day medical clinic for the school and the community. I played “pharmacist” for the week. We saw over 400 patients! Some of the guys also did construction on the Children’s Home in the community too. A very productive week. I don’t even know where to begin with highlighting the week. So, here’s just a few I’ve been able to take a look at.

a mother and daughter in their Sunday best after church service

I don’t want to show tons of sad stuff but this one really struck me. We visited one family and they welcomed us in their mudhut (home). Their new baby (#11 or something like that) was with them (who also didn’t have a name yet). We noticed the baby’s bed lying on the ground. Wow!
this is how everyone travels around the town if they are lucky enough to even have a vehicle.

This is a sight I saw SO often in the backroom. The kids would not stop looking in to see what we are all doing!
and if I could have taken any one child home with me it would have been Clifford. He is 9 years old and the cutest and most loveable child I’ve ever met.

this is just one of the nicer homes in the community.
and these two folks made a special bond.

at last here’s the whole crew standing on the grounds of the soon to be new school building!

Future trips will be every April and October. If you are interested at all in taking part or helping out please let me know. You can also visit the NVM website and blog from my sidebar to find out more.

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