not what we expected

This post is dedicated to my new friend Hayden, 7 months old. He is just NOT what any of us expected (from the get go!). He has joined his family as the only red headed, bright eyed, chub-a-love as they get (none of her other babies were plump) and with the most laid back personality to go along with it. He really is the epitome of a perfect baby in my opinion. I am so thrilled God choose him to belong to this family.

He is just so dreamy. I could eat him up!

I think his mommy “does eat him up!”

I just returned from a girl’s weekend with my friend Ali and daughter Madison to visit the Riley’s who moved from my neighborhood to Alabama a year ago. It was so sad to see them go but so great to see them again. My daughter and Amy’s daughter have been good friends since they met at age 3 and 4. Although they couldn’t be any different in appearance and personality…. they still seem to have a special connection and friendship. Some things will never change.

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