our mini-vacation to Lake Michigan

We had a short two day trip to Lake Michigan (Van Buren State Park) for the third year in a row. If there’s one place where all four of my kids are happy…. it’s the beach and it’s Michigan. We’ve learned that they are happier here than they are at the ocean for the lack of sharks, jelly fish and salt. I am just as happy to make a three hour hike north too. This year though we decided to “try” camping at the park so we could just walk to the beach. We took our tents and luckily I am married to the greatest outdoorsman that ever lived…. well almost.

Camping is NOT for everyone and I can do it for about one night. It was tough with a demanding and stubborn two year old… but I kept reminding myself that if I waited until he was older to go camping then my other kids would miss out on so much! So, we did it!

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