spring break baby!

Just returned from Florida. So much to post this time so get a beverage and sit back and enjoy!

here is our first family photo since the fall. Thanks to my friend Stacey for taking this!! Christian was crying because he had salt water in his ouchy so front images just didn’t work! connor and daddy walking with their shadows! Lots of harsh sun this day. my kiddos LOVE the beach… creating castles and exploring for hidden treasures.

connor loved the sand and was comfortable plopping right down in it!

he wasn’t too sure of the waves though. He finally got in but would run from the waves!

ahh, into the great wide open!

my older kids loved running and jumping the waves.

love this one of maddie. I love that her hair is touseled, blown by the wind and just NOT perfect… it never is and it is so her which to me is PERFECT! These are the type of photos I want to capture of my kids…. just the way they are.

we stayed with some friends the first 3 days and their little Avery and Connor were so cute together. Look at the love here!

but this one shows what his real motives were!
went to a Disney resort and saw this cute sign on the walk.
Here is Avery. I LOVE this one of her…how her hair is laying across her face and the light illuminates one side of her. so delicate, so innocent.

she sure writes her name well for a 2 1/2 yr old!
oh, can’t forget Sea World. The dolphin and whale show was a sure hit! Incredible!

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