3 kiddos

I had a lot of fun with this family. Mom was so laid back and the kids were a hoot. This was really to be focused on the 3rd child who is 2 yrs and never had her pictures taken yet. I was able to get some extras just of her.

Big brother DID NOT want to get his pictures taken… until I asked him if he wanted to show me his room and jump on the bed for a bit! He totally changed and “rocked the session” as I told him. I could not get him away from my camera. He reminded me of my middle son.
Here is the middle child who had a lot of big fake smiles but every now and then she gave me her “real” self and it was all worth it!Finally, baby #3 who got the attention in this one. It’s like she’s saying “step back guys, this one is all about me!”…. notice big brother who is still wanting all the attention in the background!

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