my gift

This was shot by my hubby on mother’s day…something Maddie and I have been wanting captured for months now. When I’m brushing her hair in the bathroom I always hug her when I’m done and she leans in close to my chest. We look in the mirror together to notice our height differences (not as much difference anymore) and remind each other that we want a photo taken of us together one day. Finally… we got it!

To top it off, she gave me mother’s day gift a day late. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received b/c it was done with her whole heart. She got off the bus and called me in the house about 20 mins later. She had the ottomon as a table in the front of the couch (which had a blanket on it for extra softness). On the ottoman was a diet coke and 2 gifts she had made for me at school. One was a packet of flower seeds… the other a booklet she made of all the things she loves about her mom. It made me cry and that takes a lot! She then turnd on the TV to Oprah and said, “don’t get up, this is for you!” and made me sit there and watch it… cause she knows I never get to watch Oprah b/c I’m forced to watch PBS kids everyday after school. I didn’t even have to tell her to do her homework…she just did it. Then she went out and watered all our landscaping for 30 mins. Let’s just say it was a beautiful gift and totally unexpected.

So, this image means a lot to me. It reminds me that I have one beautiful daughter who has changed my life for the better. Who knows how to give love with no strings attached and loves me unconditionally, despite my awful flaws. We will treasure this photograph forever and I hope it will get passed down to her children and through all our generations. I love that I don’t have make-up on and that neither of us have our hair brushed. It’s the way we are and want to remember. I hope that all of you reading this will be encouraged to get yourself in a photograph and not to worry about looking like a fashion model. You will be glad you did one day and so will the rest of your friends and family…some that you may never even be alive to meet. Sounds pretty sad doesn’t it! I want it to! I know there are about 500 viewers checking this blog each month so hopefully at least one person will let this sink in!

ETA: this shot was taken by my friend Steph… notice the name scratched into the brick by a rock.

and then for all you with daughters you’ve got to see this short video. This is why we can never compare to those models… darn media!

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