a beatiful snow day!

School was closed and hubby was home today (working from home) but oh what a beautiful day. The whole family under the same roof for 24 hours… could be dangerous some days. We had so much fun sleeping in, baking a Valentine’s Day cake and just chillin’. I wish everyday could be this laid back and fun.

I first came down to the basement to see my little boys cuddled into the bean bag watching the Wiggles. Horrible lighting made me reconsider whether or not to take this picture but what the heck… cranked up the ISO to 1600 and captured this moment.

I am not a baker nor do I really even enjoy cooking all that much… but when I do I really try to get my kids involved. This is not a pretty cake when you’re up close, but man was it fun to make. We enjoyed eating the remains that were cut off to shape the heart. It was a bonding experience for the kids and I! Again, I have to give credit to Family Fun website for the idea. We always seem to create something that only resembles their product! LOL!

This photo was actually Maddie’s idea. I was impressed that she suggested Christian to move his body down so that his feet line up with hers. I think she’s been around her momma too long to know what looks fun! I did however ask her to kiss him. It might be the only time she has done that willingly!

I also took the time today to take a photo of my photo wall/gallery (idea from Pottery Barn arrangement). This is how you can arrange various size frames together, including storyboards. The other is just a close-up of what a storyboard looks like in a frame. I also have one is Connor’s room that is unframed and sits on a ledge.

and finally I have an example of how to arrange photos on ledges to create a one of a kind gallery. This particular one is a client of mine from the fall and consists of photos from the same session. We layered them over top of each other to create depth… also letting us to display more frames. Please let me know if you need help arranging your photos in your home. There is no replacement or meaningful way to create art for your home than to let LIFE be the art.
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