welcoming little sister

This session was so much fun. Not only were the kids a riot to work with, but the family adopted a beatiful baby girl. She was so cherished by her big brothers…. but they really did get most of my attention!! Mom told me before I got there that the boys may not want to get their pictures taken. Well, that was NOT the case when I arrived. They were thrilled to see me and almost fought over who was going to get their pictures taken first! Now, that’s what makes my job so much fun! Here are just a few to share.

isn’t she a doll!!
I turned my back to put my camera away and heard them giggling. So, I turned back around and found them laughing like this together. Perfect photo opportunity of brotherly love!
and well this one tells a story of being the youngest sibling in a family (especially of 2 older brothers). This just cracks me up!

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