The Brittons – Westfield Indiana family photographer

It just dawned on me that I never blogged the beautiful Britton family. We met through our boys at school in the car pool line a couple of years ago. Loved that I was able to photograph them the past two years. They truly are beautiful inside and out.

These first two shots are from fall of 2012.

Then below are images from the summer of 2013. We literally used up every drop of sunlight but it was worth it.

I think I want to start listing the things I will remember and love about each session. So here goes for this one:

Will finding a caterpillar friend at the beginning.

All the different colors of their clothing. Makes it so much more interesting that way and nothing is really overly matchy at all!

Playing telephone. Every time I would stop and try to move on to something else…. they kids asked to play it again. This game truly was the highlight of the session. And seriously, those belly laughs from the kids and parents alike melt me every time!

Emma Kate letting go of her balloon by accident after the session was over. It was devastating to her and tears were shed. Not a highlight but definitely a memory!

I had every intent to get a balloon silhouette shot and we were sort of elevation so the sun set quickly behind us. I had VERY little light left to work with but I love how the result turned out. Just perfect.

Lastly, I just updated my business cards with a photo from their most recent session. That means I really must love them!

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