The Linn Family – Indianapolis Indiana family photographer

I am so blessed to have worked with this family since the birth of their first child. Mom and Dad are so sweet and Brady is such a great big brother who continues to keep us on our toes at all times. He is so bright, curious, funny and FAST! I remember chasing him around at Forest Park one fall day and probably burned off 500 calories on our session. I am not sure little sister Mia will be quite as fast but she has picked up a few traits from him…. chubby baby rolls that quickly wear off and a passion for firetrucks/firefighting.

Mom says she’s such a teaser for kisses. We were lucky to get this!

Once again, teasing big bro with her kisses.

Brady dressed up as a firefighter during our session. While he was having his meltdown (because he had outgrown the costume by two years) Mia snuck away for a few shots with his hat. Just darling.

Brady is full of jokes. Here he is whispering something silly to Mia and her giggles just crack me up! Oh and she might be a bit obsessed with toe jam.

This right here….. my fav.

And the jokester.

Things I love about this session:

Brady making up random jokes.

Me showing Brady the Gloria dance from Madagascar 2.

Brady trying on the firefighter costume that was two sizes too small and blaming his mom for it not fitting 🙂 ha!

Mom drinking a glass of wine and being cool as a cucumber. It really works even if it’s mid-day.

Attempting to use the family cat as a prop. Still pretty cute.

The sweetest snuggles of Brady and Mom. Priceless.

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