How to cure the winter blues – Carmel Indiana family photographer

My friends (the Carneys) took advantage of my new year sale and booked a session in February… trusting that we would make something fabulous out of the depressing month. Well, we did and it sure cured some of our winter blues! Laura told me the kids were acting like it was Christmas morning while preparing for the session.

One thing I quickly discovered were the very unique personalities of the Carney kids. Maddy is the sensitive “feeler”. She hugged me as soon as she saw me and said, “I am so excited to make memories with you today Mrs. Sherrick because they will last forever”? Seriously, what second grader says that? Now, if only she would have remembered that when her little brother bit her foot an hour later. Gabe (the middle child who ironically stole the show) is pretty much happy go lucky no matter the situation. And then there’s Graham who is a bit timid upon first meeting someone and always cautious and worrisome. Once he determines something is safe he proceeds in full boy mode.

We started things off at a vintage laundromat. Whoever thought laundromats could be so FUN! Oh and one thing Laura and I both admitted, we LOVE the smell of laundromats. It’s comforting. But I guess we both enjoy laundry and find it therapeutic so we might be the odd balls. Ya think?

Good thing I had a pocket full of change! Score!

The boys have the BEST curls! Gee, I wonder where they get it?

Then we made what was suppose to be a “quick trip” to the parking garage (which was fairly empty thankfully). Since we totally lucked out with warm temps we stayed much longer than anticipated. We raced toy cars and ran around.


In the shot below, Gabe was pouting over something and I asked him quickly to turn that pout into the loudest scream. He did just that with a touch of a smile. Might be my fav from the session.  

And this is my fav of Maddy. She was spinning around ever so slowly and something about this reveals her spirit.

Now look at their faces. Do you see Miss Determined to “beat my brothers and if not I will feel sad”? Needless to say, we had multiple winners.

Toy cars in a parking garage = perfection!

Once again, Gabe stealing the show with his “get away” moves.

Graham got chilly rather quickly. I mean, it was only 50 some degrees and I was acting like it was summer!

Happy Faces!

This is my favorite type of family photo.

I try to make it a goal to capture a shot or two of mom and dad. Besides, this is the relationship that began it all. 

Last stop was The Flying Cupcake for some of the world’s best cupcakes…. not to mention the cutest shop around! I think Gabe was a bit excited by the variety. 

Best way to end a session is with cupcakes (or anything sugary). We may have overdone it a little on the sugar though!


So glad that this session will be plastered over the walls of their NEW home. There’s art for every room (laundry room, garage, dining room etc).

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