Decorating with Photos

My favorite way to decorate is of course with my photos! I love it when my clients share the same passion. So, here are just a few things I have done this year. Some are with photos and some are just a few clever ideas.

First off…. a photo wreath. This is on the inside of my front door. I really had no real intention of it turning out this way. I had some extra prints so I was playing around and thought I’d see how it looked layering them on the wreath. Much to my surprise I liked it and so did the kids!

Also, a clear plastic ornament with a photo…. yep, simple as that. Just rolled up the image and dropped it in the top. I added the photo ornaments to my garland up the stairs and must say it’s pretty cool.

I love book pages….. so much that I’ve decorated a couple canvases, foam balls etc. After a recent visit to Anthropology I was inspired to create some letters for the trees! Each family member has their own letter and each kid has their own star (with the year).

I also made garland for entry way with book page strips. I did all this in one day…. and with kids running around me so please don’t read this and think I have lots of time on my hands! Anyone who knows me will laugh at that thought! I just needed to do something creative on a personal level versus client level.

Now switching homes to my dear friend and neighbor Alison Cobb. She is known for having a beautifully decorated home  and especially at Christmas! I love how she incorporates photos into her existing decor.

This is her sofa table. I love how you can just have a mounted image and display it on an easel. No need for framing and makes it easy for swapping out seasonally. Up close you can see how she used a Christmas card (last year) inside the hurricane for an added personal touch.

Her trees are amazing…. department store amazing, only better! She literally puts photo frames in her tree!

Now onto the snow globes. I saw these at Anthropology last week and thought they were SO cute! I wanted to recreate so I could make them in bulk without breaking the bank! I had plenty of ball jars around the house so I made them of all sizes!

and of course had to make one for Ali for her birthday which I think looks quite lovely in her kitchen!

and why NOT have a photo and frame like this in the kitchen? Just plop some pine cones and garland around it and it’s in true Christmas style.

Ali loves her canvas gallery wraps as much as I do! She has a collage upstairs. Here are the dimensions: 20×30″ and two 16×14″

Below is a bedside table print. The canvas (16×24″) sits over the master bathtub.

The family room collage set-up is exactly the same as the upstairs collage. What you might notice is that each collage consists of photos from the same session making it more cohesive to the eye. Keep that in mind when you’re hanging your canvases…. sometimes it makes sense to group them with one setting. And while we’re on the subject of canvases, remember…. EYE LEVEL from the center of the art work (with normal ceiling levels). Most people make the mistake of hanging art way too high!

Leading down to the basement is a lovely collage.

and here is a work in progress! The large prints are mounted on masonite. She’s planning to add some new large prints from this fall’s session.

Around the corner in basement, poster size prints filling an entire wall.

and that’s it folks. Hope this was fun to see. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for inspiration in decorating!


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