above our bed | DIY inspiration

Real quick, I’ve been meaning to post the latest DIY at the Sherrick house. I was totally inspired by this project from Dana at housetweaking.com. Since I actually like our headboard, I decided to use it as a piece of art instead. We found some reclaimed wood waiting to be trashed at a parking lot near our subdivision. With permission, we happily brought about 50 boards home! Ok, there really is no “we” involved in this part…. the hubs did all the hauling and sawing etc! But, I did sand and paint it so there! I love this project because 1. no money spent  2. it’s ours! No one has one exactly like it! Here’s a tutorial straight from the source if you’d like to use it as well.

So, with the remaining boards, Aaron built an awesome lemonade stand which is waiting to be painted. Hoping the kids can get  good use out of it this weekend. Photos of that here.

Happy Memorial weekend!

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