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Ok, now on to the beautiful people. I wish that I had the time to blog about each session however I just don’t…. So I picked one of my favorite family images from each session.

The Brown Family. This was our 4th session together and I’m really hoping this is just the start. That means I’m looking forward to them having more babies one day!


The Penley Family. This was our second session together in the past few years. I’ve never understood why many people stop having family photographs taken after their children get older! As you can see, they are a beautiful family!


The Lyons Family. A new client who experienced their first professional photography session. I hope they are hooked! We had a blast!


The Cope Family. I met David through baseball and handyman work. Our boys have become fast friends!


The Kelly Family. Pat and my husband Aaron graduated high school together and now we’re neighbors. I’ve been blessed to photograph them on an annual basis and we’ve even included the dogs the last few years.


The Shuler Family. We work together on an every three years basis. They live on a beautiful farm and are raising the most amazing children full of character and personality. I am always inspired after our sessions. I can’t wait to see what these children become in their adult lives.


The Peterson Family. I met Susan a few years ago after her bad experience with a “cookie cutter” portrait studio. I am so thankful for her “bad experience” as it brought us together! Plus I am able to use my “Cookie Monster” voice at least once a year 🙂


The Lux Family. I met them after the birth of their first daughter three years ago. This was our third session together and it was SO much fun!


The Mann Family. I met them while they were pregnant with baby no. 2. Since then we’ve had multiple sessions! I’m always inspired by how much fun they (especially dad) has with the kids in front of the camera. Oh and their son always brings along his DSLR to our sessions making it a tradition.


The Clark Family. I met them last year for an impromptu session at their home. This year mom and dad stepped into the frame for a few shots. So glad that they did or we wouldn’t have captured this gigantic laugh!


The Hassan Family. This was our third session together. We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening for a playful session.


The Wilson Family. We met a few months after the birth of their first child. This was one of many sessions together. Mom is a professor at Purdue so it was fun to do this entire session on campus.


The Boelke Family. This was our third session together and as usual it was lots of fun led by big brother. I am pretty sure their new house will have some new pieces of art for the walls.


The Robison Family. Mary was my son’s “temporary” 4th grade teacher. We had the most beautiful evening for a session and everything was just perfect. Everyone should “try” to get at least one family photograph with their pet.


The Sinsabaughs. We’ve had many sessions together and each year I am so blown away by how cute they ALL are. I think the entire family could model for a living. No joke as you can see.


The Haslers. Gosh, I have lost count on how many sessions we’ve had but I do have to say that they “get me”. They show up 100% as who they are and trust me and my crazy ideas. No matter what, the kids always surprise me!


The Coplan Family. They were a new family this year and we had such a fun little fall session. The kids were so compliant that I could hardly believe it! Well done!


The King Family. We’ve had an annual session since I started my business. I am so thankful for them. Amazing parents, amazing children. One of their daughter’s had a dream before our session that we “were swinging and jumping on the trampoline”. That dream came true!


The Hess Family. This was another new client. With triplets and a five year old it’s no simple task to go someplace and for everyone to be happy. So we made it work with lots of reverse psychology. I have no doubt that this crazy season in their life deserves documentation!


The Madsen Family. This was our second session and it was just perfect. Beautiful morning light and fun parents!


The Cougill Family. They were a new client and we shot until the sun was about gone. So many favorites from their session (cupcake eating in a field was one of them).


The Bollinger Family. This was our second session together and since they flew in from New York in the middle of winter we had to improvise with location. We ended up at a vintage laundromat and the Flying Cupcake.


The Linn Family. We’ve had many sessions together and this one was one of my favorites for the obvious. I am pretty sure Brady thinks his parents are the coolest on the planet.


The Britton Family. This was our second session and their mom says she’s become a “photo addict”. I think many of my clients would agree that once you start having your family photographed, it’s seems impossible to stop. We captured lots of candid moments this time that bring a big smile to my face!


The Spencer Family. They were one of my very first clients, back when I had a basement studio! With four young children they make parenting seem easy!!


The Christianson Family. For sure one of my most photographed clients. I can say anything in front of them and they aren’t even phased. It’s been fun to shift some of the attention off Sam and onto his little sister Gracie.


The Martin Family. This was a first time client and mom was my son’s 4th grade math teacher. Once again, this proves that families with older children are still worthy of documenting 🙂


The Hynes Family. This was our third fourth session together and each time we include a few shots with the grandparents. I look forward to many more in the coming years!


The Collinsworth Family. This was taken toward the end of our session when all requirements to perform were lifted. These candid moments are always my favorite!


The Talley Family. This was one of several sessions together and each year just keeps getting better. Our sons ended up on the same football team this year which was really cool!


The Snyder Family. So many fun candid moments were taken on this session but since I’m posting family shots, here’s one of my favs. Their mom is another local photographer so I’m sure she was loving being on the other side of the camera making memories with her children.


The Carpenter Family. These are friends from our awesome church. It was a blessing to capture lots of great memories of their second born.


The Connor Family. I’ve been photographing their family since they were a family of 6. I love coming back to see how they’ve grown but this year was especially important. For sure, this family inspires me!


The Huff Family. Another new client. We had to take our chances to get this shot in the creek but it was so worth it…. mud, rocks and all!!


The Finch Family. A new client for a newborn session but big brother stole the show!


The Schaaf Family. A new client but their dad is also my accountant. Mom is one of the sweetest ladies I know. I absolutely loved their rambunctious boys. We did the first part of the session in their new home…. because home is wear the heart is.


The Holajter Family. A new client in West Lafayette. These kids amazed me by their pure happiness! Couldn’t ask for more!


The Fineberg Family. This was one of many sessions together. I’m not usually a fan of the “pile up” pose but this one just fell into place!


The Hoard Family. They are one of my closest friends and we met on their first photo session when Liza was just six months old. They are pure joy and craziness all the time!


The Thompson Family. Another client I’ve been photographing from the beginning (back in my basement studio days). So cool to watch their family grow! Finally a little boy to add some testosterone to the family.


The Cobb Family. Another one of my closest friends. Countless sessions and lots of good memories on every single session. The best memory from this one is “Ice Ice Booty”…. because someone sat on ice and we just kept shooting. That ice melted and the rest is history! Well I guess the break dancing in the coffee shop was pretty memorable too!


The Brown Family. This was their first professional session. I’m am hopeful that it won’t be their last!! Super fun family.


The Ferguson Family. It was so great to see their daughter since her newborn session three years ago. Wow how time flies! She is a very shy little girl but after about 20 minutes we were like BFFs!


The Watkins Family. This family is special to me because I photographed them monthly the first year of their daughter’s life. We’ve finally moved to a quarterly basis. Photo addict? Maybe. But I’m not complaining! The love this family has for one another always blows me away. I am so happy much of it is captured for them!


The Fridlund Family. This was such a cute session….. feeding birthday cake to the birthday girl!


The Baumann Family. They were a “baby planner” and I am sad that they moved away!


The Young Family. This beautiful new client lives in my neighborhood. We shot half of the session indoors which was so fun to work in their beautifully decorated home.  Loved that we were able to incorporate their family pets as well!


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