i can't believe she's NINE!!

My only girl turns 9 on Jan. 1. I bought her this Matilda Jane outfit as her bday present (the best way to con her into wearing a cute outfit!) and she even let me take a few shots of her in it! She got a digital camera for Christmas so the trade-off was a few shots of myself too with her new camera which really stinks b/c Connor hit me with a toy and I have a bruise under my eye. Oh well… I say I like to capture life as it is and that pretty well documents my life with boys.

Anyway, after our mini-session I took Maddie and her friends out Ice Skating, to buy webkinz and home for a pizza party/slumber party. Lots of fun but looking at these shots makes me realize once again how old she is and how fast they grow up!! I feel like it is my present today to get shots like this of her. She gives me about 45 seconds with the camera and hates every second of it so when they turn out I am tickled pink!

and this is what you do when you get a new camera and lens for Christmas… you take pics of things just to see how cool you can be 🙂 yep, that’s me…so cool!

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