i've been tagged…

ok, so i’ve never done this before but it sounds fun. my neighbor and friend julie has tagged me. i am to list 7 quirky things about myself so here goes:

1. when i eat dessert i tend to hide from the kids… if that means waiting until they go to bed i will. if that’s not an option, you might find me in the bathroom or even the laundry room. i just want to enjoy each calorie that i indulge and really make the most of the moment.

2. i almost always have to take a hot bath before bed. i feel like it’s the best way to warm up if i’m cold and relax so i can fall asleep. yes, even in the summer.

3. i almost always have coffee brewing first thing in the morning… even if i don’t have time to drink it i just like the smell and the routine. it reminds me of a happy morning!

4. whenever i take my laundry out of the dryer i have to smell it. in fact, i really don’t mind doing laundry… just like it when someone else puts it away.

5. i am a total dreamer. my mind never shuts down which can make it really difficult for me to relax and just chill on the couch or watch tv.

6. i am not a neat freak with my house but only with my floors. with 3 kids stomping around they can get pretty bad. i can’t stand crumbs/food on the floor or sticky floors…. as they just get stuck to my feet and tracked into the carpeting and who knows where else. i would rather sweep and mop my wood floors anyday over picking up toys.

7. i love to repaint my home until it’s just perfect. i am known to cover my walls with about 4 different coats of paint until i get it just right.

ok, so now i am suppose to tag some more friends so here ya go:
1. Stacey Huddleston
2. Steph Mueller
3. April Carter
4. Michelle Hoard
5. Sara Willhelm
6. and humm, i think i need more friends who blog. i am not so sure why more people don’t . it’s not hard and it’s so fun!

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