Every winter, both Maggie and Carter head from Ft. Wayne to Indy for their annual photo session. It’s fun for them because they get to leave their other siblings behind and get all the attention. Their mom always treats them to something special to eat and sometimes they even skip school 🙂

This year it was pretty cold out so we went to the Still Room at Field Brewing. It’s a gorgeous building almost connected to the restaurant where you can have meetings or just chill alone with your coffee. If you are looking for incredible dining experience in Westfield, you will LOVE Field Brewing. But make sure you order the brussel sprouts….. you will be amazed how they can taste so good!

Then we headed to the Westfield Public library because to get a change of scenery. Also, who doesn’t love a good book. We tried to sneak outside for a few but the 27 degree temps were not conducive to happy faces.

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