a color lover? | Noblesville IN child & baby photographer

Everyone who’s followed my work or knows me well is sure of one thing… my love for black and white photography. I love how an image stands timeless without color. I love how the focus shifts from a pretty colored sky to “a moment”…. seeing nothing but emotion of the subject. It will always be my first love… but what I’ve noticed in the past two years is that I am really lovin’ an image in color. I even find myself printing a lot of my own personal images in color. So, maybe I’m not a partial as I was in the past. Maybe I’m learning to see without monochrome vision.

Here’s a shot that is beautiful in color but for this image black and white works best {for me}.

The next one below is evidence of why I love color… blue eyes!

These siblings were a real joy to work with. Baby sister is just beautiful with all her dark hair and sweet cheeks. Her momma really knows how to dress her 🙂 Big brother was a real hoot! He never stopped laughing… seriously! Made my job quite easy! Looking forward to capturing their family again this summer!

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