show me your walls!!

I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I just haven’t been able to get my act together and follow through. So, here goes. Most of my clients purchase a CD of their images. Other than a stack of 5x7s I usually don’t get to see the images blown up as art.  Now is the time to SHOW ME YOUR WALLS! We could all use a bit of inspiration right? Plus how many of you are just unsure where to place your photos and so nothing gets enlarged or showcased?

What I want you to do is send me an email with images of your photos displayed on your walls. Don’t worry if the images are not high quality (that’s why you hire me right :-)). Don’t worry if your house is not Pottery Barn perfect…. I’d rather see “real” homes any day of the week over homes that are staged to impress others. I’m just looking for ideas and inspiration. I will then create a link on my blog where you can go and see what others have done.

So, I will kick things off by showing you my walls.

The first image is my dining room. Since the dining room also serves as my office (rarely even used for dining) I decided to go with some of the things that bring me joy!

Specifics below.

Now onto my  staircase (in entryway). Frame sizes are 11×14″, 10×20″ and one 12×12″. The photo on the below right is one of my favorite ideas. It’s an old barn window with an 18×18″ canvas print taped (with double sided tape) behind the glass. It’s actually in the living room.

This one is a 12×12″ print mounted on matboard and sprayed with luster sitting on an easel.I switch this one just about every year. I have this “fairness” thing going on so I will probably always have a photo of all 4 kids together right in the entry. Can’t leave anyone out!

Next is my living room. It’s a bit out of focus but too lazy to go and retake it. I have a square 22×22″ canvas wrap mounted right of couch. Left of couch is the barn window. Of course both are black in white. Recently I posted this 20×30″ canvas wrap of our family on my blog as well. All three of these will stand the test of time as well as remain permanent for as long as I am concerned.

Ok, here’s the kitchen. Since we haven’t updated our countertops or backsplash yet I decided why  not create my own “backsplash” with images that bring color into our black and white kitchen. These are 8×10″ frames matted with 5×7″ prints of all my kids eating fruit (strawberries and apples) at the strawberry patch and family picnic. Seems appropriate right!

I have a few random photos posted on the refrigerator as well….. note the darling lego magnets. Keepin’ it real! The image on the right is a 16×24″ canvas on our kitchen wall behind the table. Even though I’m about 20 pounds heavier in this photo I still love it. It was us and it makes me smile!

Last are the bathrooms. This one is a 16×20″ mounted and framed in a repurposed 18×24″ frame right above the very bathtub where the shot was taken. I couldn’t do a canvas here as all my boys still takes baths and of course create a lot of splashes! The glass protects it just fine!

The two white frames in the bottom left photo are hung in my bathroom as well. They are once again repurposed 11×14″ frames with 8×10″ prints. Bath shots seemed appropriate . The image on the right showcases my kids’ bathroom. These photos are outdated but I’m waiting to replace them with our beach memories from this summer. The scripture art is something I made recently as I’ve been drawn to the “chevron” stripe pattern. I just love it but know it’s quite trendy. I also am trying to incorporate more scripture into our little minds and what better way than to have bible verses printed as art around the home. I’m working on doing more…. cause Lord knows I need it!

Upstairs hallway.

Of course there are more photos in my home. I just ran out of time. I really love the canvas of my two boys in the vintage laundromat dryers that hangs in my laundry room.

So, these are just some ideas. I know many of you have rockin’ walls and I can’t wait to see more! Please share!!!

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