5 months and 9 months | west lafayette baby photographer

Loved meeting this new client. At five months of age, she was such a chubby cheek charmer. She loved the camera and the camera LOVED her.

Here she is as the “Lady in Red”…. just in time for her Christmas card.

I love when babies do THIS too! Now seriously….. whenever can you do this again in your life and still be cute? NEVER.

and because her Daddy gets to stay home with her each day they DO have this very special bond.

All moms really do want to get a BIG ‘ol kiss on the lips like this…

Then I was able to come back when she was 9 months and my what a difference a few months make! The good thing is she STILL has amazing cheeks…. the bad thing is she became a bit camera shy. Every time she heard my shutter she started to cry. After a bit though, she warmed up to us and showed her true colors. Good thing because I get to see her one more time this year 🙂

This one is probably my FAV from the session. 

Stay tuned… much more to come. I’ve been a bit delayed editing but really WILL display some of your walls that were submitted. If you haven’t submitted images of your walls, please send them ASAP! Thanks so much!
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