New Pricing– effective March 1

Just wanted to announce my new prices effective for all appointments booked after March 1, 2007 (see INVESTMENT page on my website for details). If you are already on my books and I’ve already received your session fee for your appointment, then you are still on old pricing for that particular session! I will email out a PDF to those particular clients with my old pricing for your reference.

Also, I have a referral program in place. From now on when you refer someone they will need to put your name on my CONTACT form of my website and you will receive a $30 print credit for each person that you refer who books a session. The referral credit is only to be applied toward upcoming sessions… not past.

I am currently booking appointments in the month of June for 2007. My schedule gets VERY heavy in the fall (especially for Christmas cards photos) so if you think you will want a session then, I encourage you to contact me in the next couple of months. I will be updating my blog with cancellations as they arise so check back frequently! Also, I am planning to open my schedule up more in the summer and fall.

I have some fun sessions coming up this weekend so stay tuned to more photos. Have a great day!

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