sam, his daddy & some quality time | noblesville, indiana family photographer

Here goes Sam again… most photographed boy I know (besides my own). As much as I photograph him you’d think he’d be a pro at having his photos taken… but he’s SO not!! Nope, he’s all about having a good time and rarely ever wants anything to do with my camera. With that said, I’ve learned to be really really sneaky and extremely patient and playful. The good thing is that his mom and dad totally get my style of photography. They totally get that I am striving to capture “real life”, raw emotion and not just a bunch of staged poses with pretty clothes. There’s no doubt in all his sessions that he is truly captured as the Sam they love and the little boy they want to remember. I mean, seriously…. his mom used a photo of him picking his nose for his Valentine’s Day card. It stated “I pick you, valentine”. LOVE it…. and apparently so did everyone else.

Also, this session was the perfect opportunity to get one on one shots of Sam and his daddy. One thing I love about his dad Tim is that he finds a lot of joy in being an incredible father. He actually wants to participate in the sessions and it was his idea to go fishing in their pond! My kind of family!

So, here we go with his 2.5 year photo session. We started off at his house. He loved showing me his big boy bed! You’ll notice that he almost always has something in his hand. He’s very attached to a few specific toys and goes through phases. It used to be Lightening McQueen and now he’s moved on to Buzz,  dolphin and whales. My philosophy is let the child be himself and let me take care of the rest…

We stopped for a quick lunch at a local cafe. Loved getting these “head bonk” shots!
Had to check out the railroad tracks!

If you want to see more, just hold off until August when he turns the big 3!
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