testing me

Wowzers! I don’t know exactly how to put into words how difficult this little guy has been over the past few days. I am emotionally drained from his whining, disobedience and defiance. He has challenged me at several stages in his life which most of the time I’ve come to find out that he was sick (especially ear infections). I was just about to take him to the doctor to check his ears but then came to the conclusion that he’s probably just TESTING me! He’s on the brink of turning three and we all know three if fierce compared to two. Plus, we’ve been potty training and I “think” he’s probably asserting some of his control and resistance in the situation. So, on Monday when he was wearing me out I decided to let him play in my bed which means jumping and hiding under the sheets. This time we played monster. A year ago we played dinosaur under the sheets. Capturing him on camera as cute as he shows me two things. 1. He is absolutely adorable despite his recent behavior, 2. The last haircut I have him was really bad…. totally uneven. I took care of that as soon as we were done!

But I am truly enjoying him as much as possible because unlike I was with my other three children, I don’t want to rush him along. I could hardly wait for my others to start school because I knew it would FREE me up to have MY own time. This time around, I am reminded each day when my teenage daughter walks in the door from school that childhood goes way too fast. Oh how I wish she were young again. I would enjoy it so much more with the wisdom I have now. But unfortunately I can’t. I can only love her in the stage she’s in right now which by the way is pretty cool. So, I am enjoying Caleb in this stage. There’s plenty of time for ME later.

On another note, my email server was down from Monday afternoon until late Tuesday night. If you sent me a message and have not received a reply could you try again because it’s working now. Thanks!


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