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I love taking photos everyday of my kids but rarely do I lug around my big DSLR everywhere I go because like most moms, I live a very busy life. I am thankful that technology has improved so much that we can rely on our cell phones to get a decent shot for the memory book. Do I print these photos and hang them on my walls as art… no way!  But do I still love the freedom to document their lives in the small moments that make great memories?…. YES!

So, here’s your chance to submit your OWN work at a chance to win a free photo session (value of $150)!!!!!!

Here is the challenge:

  • 1. Photograph one (or all) of your children

    In one single day using your iPhone and the Instagram app. Only participants with and iPhone and this photo app will be applicable for the contest (sorry!).

  • 2. Submit 15-20 photos

    The photos should tell a story about your child’s day.

  • 3. Submit a paragraph

    This paragraph should talk about what you will always remember about this particular day in your child’s life.

  • 4. Email me at

    Send the edited shots in “Instagram” with your paragraph of your child’s life.


If you don’t have the free Instagram app, you really should! It’s a great way to share photos with others as well as create a vintage feel from everyday shots.

My goal for this challenge is to encourage you to take lots of photos of the everyday mundane life. Then you won’t have to rely on your own memory to tell your child what he/she was like at a specific age. You will have it documented!

The contest is based on these three things:

  • 1. Composition
  • 2. Perspective
  • 3. Documentation

So, be creative and have fun! All submissions are due one week from tomorrow, March 16th at 9pm EST. The winner will be announced on March 17th.  Yikes…. so you better get on it!

Read this article from to get info on taking better photos with your iPhone. Read this post from Digital Photography School for tips on using Instagram.

To kick things off, I did a day in the life of my son Caleb (from Monday). I choose to do just his life since he is the one home with me all day long. He keeps me very busy and he is only one child in the equation of four! Crazy busy in this house. I am afraid I would be to scattered brain to do all four kids in one day. My paragraph and images are below:

On Monday morning, we woke up to a covering of snow for probably the last time this winter. Caleb was excited to look out his window and see it! We took care of morning business, grabbed our breakfast and headed to the gym to take my favorite kickboxing class. I am sure to pack lots of snacks for the drive home to keep this boy content. After lunch, Caleb wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies. He really just wanted to crack the eggs and eat the chocolate chips but I am a sucker for baking sweets. While the cookies baked, Caleb and I played cars in the entryway. He’s pretty obsessed and loves his favorite car, Lightening McQueen. He is a typical messy eater but doesn’t like to feel messy so we change his clothes often. After naptime, he climbs out of his own bed. Gotta love a boy who sleeps with a pink pacifier 🙂

I am still looking for at least one more photographer who would like to participate in a group mentoring workshop with me this spring/summer. Please contact me as soon as possible if interested. Thanks!

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