Mentoring Workshop | for photographers

I’ve been asked numerous times if I offer workshops and every winter I have high hopes to put something together and well plain it simple… it just doesn’t get done! But now, that’s all changed! I am going to offer a hands-on and informal workshop during a family photo session. This will allow the attending photographers the chance to shadow my technique of getting a mix of candid and semi-posed shots and how I look for light and use it to it’s advantage. In addition, I will be sharing my exposure settings during the shoot and the reasons behind the technical and creative choices I make. After the photo session, I will facilitate a Q&A wrap-up.

The only thing missing is WHEN???? I would like to conduct this workshop sometime in late spring or early summer. Before I pick a date, I need to know how many of you are possibly interested. I need a minimum of 5 photographers and maximum of 10. Please email at if you are!

See the announcement below for more info! Thanks!


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