this morning

Caleb woke up way too early this morning! So, we snuggled in bed while I tried to catch a bit more shut eye (yeah right). Since he was so distracting with all his dinosaurs and what not, I noticed the light streaming through my bed sheets while he played underneath. Right after breakfast I took him back upstairs with my camera. We played “hide from the dinosaurs” while I tried my best to keep the tent up with my feet. Such fun and loved the morning light! Then, Christian woke up to see just what we were up too that created such laughter. Of course he had to join in. Christian is a bit of a germ-a-phobe when it comes to kissing on the mouth or sharing drinks. But when it comes to Caleb all those rules are dismissed. He asked Caleb for a kiss and instead he got a “lick”…. hee hee.

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