tooting my own horn | PUBLISHED

SOOO excited, honored and surprised to have my FIRST published work…. and for it to be sold worldwide! Thank you to Ginny Felch, author of newly revised “Photographing Children” (published by Wiley) who asked me to contribute photographs amongst several other gifted photographers! This publication is a “how-to” book for moms wanting to capture genuine images of their child. It’s also geared to the aspiring photographer and yes, even the professional photographer. What I love about the book is that it’s not a “technical” manual teaching you all the bells and whistles of your camera. NO ONE (and I mean that from the bottom of my heart) should ever start with the technical part. Learning to photograph a child means getting to the heart of the matter… learning to think like the child, learning to recognize good light and learning how to compose an interesting photo. If you don’t have good light, you don’t even need to worry about the background or even yet your exposure. Good light is the core to capturing a good photograph. And if it makes you feel any better…. this type of learning is what got me to where I am today. Too often photographers will launch a business because they’ve mastered their camera and exposure but yet forgot to focus on what I believe are the absolute fundamentals to children’s photography.

You can pre-order your book from by clicking the book image to the right!!!……………………………………………………..

Now onto a recent session…. the lovely Mitchell family. It was great to see little “O” a little over a year later as a toddler. She has grown up SO much since last time I saw her. I knew without a doubt she would be beautiful like her mother but yet she still took me by surprise. Round cheeks, piercing blue eyes,  strawberry blond hair and a very inquisitive personality. We started out at Traders Point Creamery where she was free to explore the wildflowers, chickens and cows.

Then we headed to a much cooler destination since this day was the hottest day of the year and noon (full sun!). We landed at a lovely  park with plenty of shade and a shallow creek.

We ended with some playtime and apples.

Oh, and as girly as she looks she is NOT afraid to hold a frog (or kiss one either)!

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